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According to WHO, Corneal Blindness is one of the leading causes of global blindness in the world. Out of the 45 million blind people across the world, almost 15 million live in India. The downside is that 75% of these cases are of avoidable blindness, but due to the nation’s acute shortage of donors, most of the cases either go untreated or inadequately treated.

In India, blindness has devastating effects on individuals, families and communities, impacting education, economic development and child mortality rates.

It is estimated that India needs a minimum of 2 lakh eye donations every year and currently only 45,000 are donated. currently. There is an Acute Shortage is Eye Donors in India and our ignorance is doing nothing but denying our own people the right to sight.

Through this website you can now pledge your eyes from the comfort of your home in just two clicks and make someone’s life brighter and better. The focus of this initiative is to make every Indian consider it their duty to pledge their eyes and make a real difference.

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